Robust Strategies

The way to bring about change is to be proactive. Measure the effectiveness of your strategy and adjust as necessary to achieve desired outcomes.

4 Strategic Priorities | 16 Priority Objectives | Multiple Initiatives

The culmination of our efforts, analysis and critical discussions resulted in a Future-Fit Strategic Priority Plan with four Strategic Priorities, sixteen Strategic Priority Objectives and multiple Initiatives or tactics to help achieve our Vision for Lincoln as a Place to Grow, a Place to Prosper and a Place to Belong.

The following outline serves as a guidepost, a living entity that will continue to evolve as new information on trends, their implications and dynamics of change present themselves, calling on you, as leaders, to respond. This co-created plan for a more Future Fit Lincoln helps reaffirm who we are as a leadership team, reflects the values we share, and puts our goals in focus to bring this future to life.

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