Imagine Multiples

We don’t know what the future will look like, but we can map out possibilities. Explore different scenarios to prepare for a range of outcomes and help bring your preferred future into focus.

5 Possible Scenarios | 1 Explortatory Workshop

Trends, responses and implications informed the creation of five possible scenarios. Anticipations of things that could happen in the future. Not that necessarily will happen. Scenario planning was used as a tool to test different assumptions and discuss different strategies, policies, and actions that will most likely lead to our desired future.

Feeding the World 2050

In this hypothetical scenario, the Niagara Region has become a center for agricultural innovation and excellence. Local agricultural producers are working in tandem with agri-food

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The Recession is Here

Canada faces something it hasn’t experienced in 68 years: A recession without the United States in the same boat. This hypothetical scenario about a Canadian

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Experience Matters

Twenty Valley is being discovered because of its wealth of lovely, simple pleasures. The Southern Ontario gem is wooing visitors with great gastronomy and even

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Community in Transition

The following future scenario highlights one possible future for growing the cannabis industry in Lincoln. In this scenario, the Lincoln’s ‘Open for Business Campaign’ attracts

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Crisis Into Opportunity 

In today’s real fake news about the future, a torrential and record-breaking rainfall swells Lake Ontario causing massive floods and damages across shoreline communities in

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The discussion that resulted from this workshop exploring each of the above scenarios helped bring our desired future into focus and make the Strategic Priority areas required for achieving it much clearer. That’s next.