Becoming Future-Fit | May 2019 – March 2020

Look Back at Our Journey

What does a Place to Grow, a Place to Prosper and a Place to Belong look like? What needs to be true for Lincoln to achieve this Vision? How might the decisions we make today impact the Lincoln of tomorrow?

The Strategic Foresight process began with an end in mind, with a Vision for the Future of Lincoln as a Place to Grow, a Place to Prosper, a Place to Belong. The optimistic outlook and collective sentiment about the town’s future were strong, with a shared belief that challenges could be overcome through the right approach and effort.

A new, cutting-edge approach was adopted, bringing together the Councillors and Corporate Leadership Team to answer critical questions. With guidance from the Leading Minds Lab team, we engaged in a rigorous and systemic Strategic Foresight process to co-create Strategic Priority Areas, Strategic Objectives and Initiatives to help bring this vision to life. The following is a look at the different stages in the process and some of their outputs.

2019 Strategic Foresight Journey Presentation