Experience Matters

Twenty Valley is being discovered because of its wealth of lovely, simple pleasures. The Southern Ontario gem is wooing visitors with great gastronomy and even greater wine. In the last few years, Twenty Valley has become a weekend alternative for Torontonians who don't want to spend half their weekend stuck in traffic getting to Muskoka cottage country, and who prefer touring vineyards and eating inspired farm-to-table meals. Many who come to visit return to stay; Twenty Valley is full of Toronto creatives and rat race dropouts who are upcycling old school buildings and opening new businesses from wineries, breweries, design businesses, restaurants, and more. There’s even a website devoted to their stories.  Throughout the collection of neighbouring communities; the Beamsville Bench, Vineland, and Jordan (that make up the Twenty Valley) there are impeccable waterfronts, cool vintage shops, art galleries and museums, ample hiking trails along the escarpment, impeccably maintained old-Victorian homes and a plethora of #instaworthy experiences. 

10 Reasons Twenty Valley is the New Hamptons

#1. All the Wine

Twenty Valley is Ontario’s largest wine region with over 50 vineyards, featuring some of the province’s best boutique wineries from Cave Springs to Fielding Estate to Jackson Triggs and more. Many are family run, award-winning estates, set in the majestic natural beauty backdrop of the Niagara Escarpment.

#2. Discover Your Craft

There is more to drink than just wine. Twenty Valley is home to the fastest growing craft beer markets. From hop fields to taprooms and beer gardens, the farm house approaches to craft brewing capture the unique terrior of the region just as it does for wine.

#3. Sip’n Cycle

Twenty Valley Tours offers visitors a new way to experience wine, offering wine and bicycle tours that are both experiential and educational. Visitors can choose from Riesling Trail to Chardonnay-way, and cycle across neighbouring farming communities and vineyards to discover the true origin story of Ontario’s wine making.

#4. Farm-to-Table

Twenty Valley offers a healthy assortment of restaurants committed to serving up nothing but fresh, farm-to-table offerings from local growers and producers. From fine dining at the Lake House to more casual dining at De La Terre Café, you’ll find the best of locally sourced food and drink.

#5. Pick-Your-Own

Apples, strawberries, cherries and more, select only the freshest, high-quality, vine-ripened produce. Twenty Valley is home to a variety of pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farms, giving you and the family a truly authentic farm-to-table experience. Stop at any number of electric vehicle charging stations to fuel up along the way!

#6. Taste the Town

Fine artisanal cheeses, high-quality meats, fresh-picked fruits and beyond meat spreads, Twenty Valley is the charcuterie dream. Book a Taste the Town tour today and create your dream charcuterie.

#7. Escarpment Trails

The Niagara Escarpment is one of the world’s natural wonders, a masterpiece of living art. It’s escarpment hiking trails offer sweeping scenic views, 1675 foot cliffs, clear streams, pebbled beaches, rolling hills and pristine waterfalls.

#8. Start a New Chapter

Nestled within the breathtaking Twenty Valley is Ball’s Falls Conservation Area, offering spectacular scenery and natural beauty. With its impeccably maintained early mid 19th century charm and breath-taking views of waterfalls, it makes for the perfect setting for any special event or storybook wedding.

#9. Up-and-Coming Art Scene

Twenty Valley’s up-and-coming local art scene is sure to delight with its galleries, festivals, graffiti walls, artisan shops and more. Discover the past and soak up the present, experience all that fine art has to offer at the Lincoln Museum & Culture Centre.

#10. Prudhommes is the real star!

A newly, revitalized legacy for Prudhommes Landing is now a reality. With its mix-use, forward-thinking urban design Prudhommes Landing has created a people-centric neighbourhood that connects the Twenty Valley experience and achieves precedent-setting levels of sustainability, affordability, mobility, and economic opportunity; making it one of the most successful large-scale residential developments along Lake Ontario waterfront within the last decade.