about us


Develop your mind to think and learn in new ways

Just as you upgrade the operating system on your phone to improve its capabilities, you can upgrade your own operating system to improve your capabilities—including your ability to innovate. Our training programs provides practical strategies for "upgrading" your mindset for innovation.


Measure the mindset that matters most

Feedback is how organisms change. By measuring how we think, what we value and how we respond to challenges at a point in time we are able to track evolutions in our own thinking and behaviour. Our mindset diagnostics track and measure progress towards a mindset for innovation.

All of the great empires of the future will be empires of the mind

-W. S. Churchill

At Leading Minds Lab, we believe that building a better tomorrow requires the development of a new mindset; a mindset that is all about thinking at the edges of what’s possible.

Together we help our clients develop Leading Minds to traverse the unknown, to rise above or go beyond the boundaries of knowledge and to find, discover and invent the future.

Our vision is to equip more individuals with the mindset and skill sets to cultivate resilience, drive new economic energy and lead a culture of innovation.