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Future Fit Playbook | Leading Minds Lab

The future holds tremendous potential, but it can also be a place of uncertainty and trepidation.To help you find a way through disruption, we are sharing the plays that Leading Minds uses to anticipate and take charge of change. 

Our Futures playbook is a set of plays, tools, and processes designed to explore and make sense of potential futures. Using strategic foresight frameworks and theories, these plays will help you categorize different drivers of change, identify their impacts and implications, and ultimately take action to future-proof your organization.

The plays are versatile and can be adapted to your needs, whether you’re working as a team or in a workshop setting. They fall into five categories, each with unique ways of thinking and approaching change. By following this process, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the uncertain future and become Future-Fit.

What is Strategic Foresight?

Strategic foresight is a process that involves identifying and analyzing potential future scenarios, trends, and signals of change, in order to anticipate and prepare for them. It involves thinking critically about the future, questioning assumptions and biases, and exploring a range of possible outcomes. 

The goal of a strategic foresight process is to develop insights and strategies that can help leaders and organizations be proactive and agile in the face of uncertainty. It is an important tool for anyone seeking to navigate a complex and rapidly evolving environment.

Discover how Leading Minds can help you navigate uncertainty with strategic foresight.

Scan Horizon

Foresight is your radar for making sense of change. Start by analyzing key trends and drivers of change. Navigate uncertainty by identifying what to pay attention to.

Anticipate Possibles

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Explore the implications of key trends to better anticipate the changes that might lie ahead.

Imagine Multiples

The future is inherently unknowable. Explore multiple future scenarios to develop a more nuanced strategy to plan for the best and prepare for the worst.

Backcast Plan

Begin with the end in mind. Identify objectives and key results to help bring the preferred future into focus and provide strategic clarity.

Robust Strategies

In strategic planning, robustness is key. Ensure that your strategies are not only targeted but also adaptable, capable of withstanding unforeseen challenges.

How can Leading Minds Lab help you?

Cultivating Future Fit Organizations

Leading Minds Lab is your partner in navigating uncertainty with strategic foresight. Our team uses a systematic and methodical approach to understanding the uncertainties you face, so we can guide you toward the future you desire.

We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in strategic foresight, executive coaching and human-digital experiences to help your team anticipate change, navigate uncertainty, and take effective action.

With our support, your organization can become Future Fit with these benefits:

  • Agility: Stay prepared and adjust your course of action as needed with a clear perspective on how things are changing.
  • Growth: Look beyond your immediate field of vision and identify unseen opportunities and generate novel ideas with a long-term view.
  • Resilience: Perceive potential threats, recognize non-traditional competition, and anticipate changing behaviours and expectations. 
  • Clarity and Confidence: Determine your long-term strategic vision to build consensus, develop new capabilities, and make decisions with greater confidence.

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